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Transitional Living


Our Transitional Living Program consists of several beds just off of campus where residents are not subject to 24/7 supervision. At this point, residents have established trust and consistency within the program. We understand

that re-entry back into society is difficult when so many factors are at play. Therefore, Transitional Living allows residents to regain everyday faculties of life in a slow and controlled manner.


To qualify for this program, residents must complete Intensive Treatment, complete Life Skills programming concurrently, and have a plan to move into Independent Living. Residents in this program receive:


  • Intensive Case Management provided regularly

  • Individual Therapy

  • Access to group therapy as their schedule allows

  • Continued eligibility in community-based employment and educational programs

  • The purchasing and preparation of all foods consumed, except for planned days in which the resident eats out

  • Mobility in terms of getting to work, social, religious, and community-based leisure activities

  • Medication Management

Let's Work Together

Tel: (832) 814-7300  |  Fax: (832) 804-8407

Main Campus Address:
503 Sul Ross
Houston, TX 77006

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