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Stabilization & Evaluation

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Stabilization & Evaluation is the first step to treatment at Shaunty Healing Center. We understand that committing to treatment as a resident and family can be difficult. This is why we take ample time to truly get to know each and every resident before creating treatment plans. 

During this phase of treatment, the therapist, case manager, psychiatrist, and residential care staff collaborate with the resident to help them settle into the community. Stabilization & Evaluation primarily focus on:

  • Finding the right combination of medications and gaining medication compliance

  • Establishing therapeutic rapport

  • Identifying a true diagnosis to form an individualized treatment plan

  • Creating a structured schedule and environment

  • Developing trust with key stakeholders in the resident's life

The Stabilization & Evaluation period allows us to get a full picture of each individual resident and create an individualized treatment plan that hones in on the true issues causing dysfunction in life. 

Let's Work Together

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