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Ongoing Care is best suited for adults who have experienced mental illness later in life and show potential to function as productive adult in a limited fashion. These clients have shown they have great difficulty, or an inability, to live on their own and have had to transition back into a supportive and structured environment.


Often, after a period of stabilization, this group proves they are capable of functioning in a protected work environment and appropriately medication compliant. With assistance, we have seen these residents can build their own schedules containing therapy, off-campus activities, and even mentoring the younger population. These clients have had professional careers or schooling but are no longer able to function to their liking without the support of a structured setting. When appropriate, assistance is provided to clients and families to allow them to move to other protected living settings that may be more economically or logistically better suited.


As time goes on and residents age within our Ongoing Care Program, we understand that level of mental and physical functioning can decrease. In these situations, we optimize treatment to be more nurturing, secure, and structured. In addition, we utilize consultants to determine the standard of care needed to maintain the best quality of life possible.


Residents in our Ongoing Care Program have access to:

  • Individual therapy as needed

  • Continued eligibility in community-based employment and educational programs

  • The purchasing and preparation of all foods consumed, except for planned days in which the resident eats out

  • Mobility in terms of getting to work, social, religious, and community-based leisure activities

  • Medication Management

  • Daily schedules that accommodate lower impact and stimulation activities

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