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Our Leaders


Brandon Koroni


Dr. Brandon A. Koroni was involved with the Mental Health Co-op since he was a child where he would visit his grandfather, Grover Shaunty, and the residents. He later became the residential care manager of The Mental Health Co-op in 2010 and has most recently created Shaunty Healing Center, to continue his grandfather’s legacy.


After 9/11, Brandon joined the Marine Corp where he served from 2002-2006. He later pursued a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Houston and a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at Midwestern University in Phoenix, AZ. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC where he is completing his residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology at the University of North Carolina.


Mohammad Rizvi, MBA. MHA. PMP.

Executive Director

Mohammad Rizvi began as Executive Director on April 2022. Mohammad has spent all of his career in various roles in healthcare and healthcare management. Prior to joining Shaunty Healing Center, Mohammad was the director of operations at a hospital in Pasadena, TX. However, during his tenure at the hospital, Mohammad led the effort to create Shaunty Healing Center as a business and form the structure and foundation of the company. 

Mohammad also has served as COO of The Mental Health Co-op where he led an effective marketing campaign as well as revamping the core clinical program to serve the ever- changing needs of the residents.

Let's Work Together

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Main Campus Address:
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Houston, TX 77006

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