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About Us

Our Approach

Shaunty Healing Center is a private residential treatment center located in Richmond, Texas. Here, we serve individuals who need both short- and long-term mental health treatment. We understand that all cases of mental illness are unique and need to be approached with different methods. At Shaunty Healing Center, we focus on creating individualized treatment plans that address each of our residents from a holistic perspective. To achieve this, we integrate services such as individual and family therapy, group therapy, case management, in-house psychiatry, medication management, and more to create a safe community living environment.

Our Mission

At Shaunty Healing Center, our mission is to “offer choice, not chance to those living with severe mental illnesses”. At Shaunty Healing Center, we leave nothing up to chance. We encourage autonomy and self-determination above all. By allowing our residents the opportunity to choose the path of their treatment, we provide them with the freedom to reclaim some or all control over their lives.

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Our Vision

We strive to provide new and innovative care at every turn. We will not remain stagnant within the traditional treatment approaches to severe mental illness. 

Our vision is to become a safe haven for those living with severe mental illnesses. We wish to help individuals and their families find success and live meaningful lives.

Let's Work Together

Tel: (832) 814-7300  |  Fax: (832) 804-8407


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